Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Be Still, and Know that I am G-d.

-Said by my future father-in-law, when attempting to offer suggestions on what kind of cheese we'd like to purchase.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sleepy now. It's been a long couple of weeks. N's been working so hard, every night, and I miss doing things with him. But this has given me a taste of the summer, when he'll be gone for weeks in Italy, and Steve and I will keep one another company.

MMG may come this weekend to visit. We have a bunch of errands to do before the end of the year, but I am looking forward to her seeing my home for the first time. That means lots of cleaning in anticipation. Just like she does for me when I come to her home. It's not really my home, just the house she lives in. But where she is, that is home. It's the place I go back to, to remember where I came from, and what I could leave behind. Stupid sounding, but the truth.

Steve rolled in some sort of animal poop tonight, so I had to give her a whore's bath (that's what MMG calls it, a sponge bath of sorts). She smelled pretty bad. Now she smells like dog shampoo. Gotta love masking the smell. She needs a real bath. A pimp's bath. I've already begun a list in my head of tasks for N to work on when he's all done with the semester. That's on it, at the top of the list.

As usual, I'm on a clutter-busting binge. Trying to get clutter out of this house, even though I manage to bring s**t in. But my friend OW reminded me that making a home is about evolving. Constantly moving things around, and swapping things here for this, and there for that. So, I'm embracing that, while still trying to move stuff out. Freecycle works. Craigslist hasn't been too good for me, though I take pics. I'll keep trying.

Off to snooze. So I don't lose. I need a drink!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I thought I'd love registering for our wedding, but I was wrong. I don't. I don't know what I like, or what I'd like to have, and I don't like telling people that this is what I want, so buy it for me. And my eyes hurt from looking at the computer for so long, searching for things to register for. So, I'm this close to just boycotting the whole thing.