Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stream of consciousness

I say this every year, but I mean it every single year. I can't believe it's been 9 years since my father died. The time has gone by so quickly. It feels like it was just yesterday I was sobbing into my sister's arms when she told me. That is a moment engraved in my mind. I remember thinking I will never in my life be able to think of my father and not cry. But look at me, sitting here writing of my father's death and not one tear comes. It's a true testament that time does wonders for grief and loss.

I am passionately jealous of my sisters who had my father walk them down the aisle on their wedding day. I want that so badly. I want my father to hold my first child. I want my father to see me argue in a courtroom. I want my father to meet my husband. I always contemplate how N and he would get along. I'm sure they would have gotten along very well - he would be so proud of both of us.

I remember when I would sing in school performances and my father would be wiping tears from his eyes. I remember holding my father's hand when we would drive in the car. I remember my father giving me a thumbs-up from the audience when I graduated from high school. I remember packing up my father's office after he died and finding that he framed my first report card from college.

God I miss him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New items being added to Vintage Virginia all night long as I try to contain my excitement since Grey's is back on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1) EU and I hosted a kick-ass Passover Seder on Saturday night. I've never helped in such a feat. I will toot my own horn and tell you it was awesome. Lots of friends and food and the best part of it all was having this meal for N and he didn't have to do a thing - except lead us in an entertaining Seder.
2) I did some gardening on a week ago Saturday. Man, it's hard work but great exercise. I pulled all our carrots, which have been in the ground much too long to premit consumption. After tilling the land (ha!), I planted some lettuce we got from the farmer's market and cabbage we got from our neighbor across the street. We also planted the seeds in the Jiffy thingymabob and they've sprouted. We still have a while until they are ready for Virginia clay.
3) Today is one of the busiest days ever! I had to be in Fluvanna County this morning to file an appeal, then Louisa County to hear the petition against my client get dismissed, then to Albemarle County for 3 criminal charges and then to Charlottesville City for a civil trial. This afternoon I have a trial in Orange County. That's 5 different courts in one day. That must be some sort of record. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.
4) Grey's is back on this week and I CAN NOT WAIT! Seriously, I've been deprived of any meaningful TV interaction ever since the writer's strike. It has been nice not watching so much TV but not nice enough to forgo watching Grey's and ER.
5) Our family on N's side was in Plainview, Long Island this weekend celebrating Passover while MMG was in Columbia. This is the first year since Noah and I started dating that we haven't been to New York for Passover. Maybe we'll start a new tradition here in Charlottesville and also go to Long Island. I really did miss our family though. I'm afraid that sister and brother won't get to see N before he goes to Italy. Next year MMG better come down here - ya hear dat?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


N picked up this camera off ebay. It's called a Lomo and there's this whole movement dedicated to the use of this camera. We took Steve on a walk the day we got it (we tend to take her on walks everyday, if she's good) and captured some pretty hip photos. I can't post them here yet cause we don't have a scanner at home, but if N ever gets the time to scan them at school, I'll be sure to post them. They are magical. We're in the process of picking out some to hang on the wall.

Anyone else have any experience with this camera?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Looky Here

My friends Brian and Ozan in a featured blog posting. They are very cool...and hot!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

No Jokes for this Fool

1. Sister and brother came and went. Sister did a wonderful job at her reading and read my favorite poem of hers, All Night Vigil. I wish they lived so much closer - I sound like a broken record. Sister has a new blog, but she doesn't update it as often as I'd like (hint hint).
2. I have a date with EU. Our relationship has suffered since the writer's strike, but we've substituted TV watching and ice cream eating with running our asses off and sweating profusely. 3. N planted the seeds in the Jiffy pods. We planted 4 watermelon seeds. You think we'll get 4 whole watermelons?
4. N's been getting me into shape about waking up early to walk the dog, get myself ready with breakfast and lunch and out the door close to 9 am. Oh wait, I lied, I'm just practicing walking the dog at 7 am, not the whole making my own breakfast and lunch. When he's gone this summer, I'm most likely going to survive on a diet of cereal, oatmeal, Kraft macaroni and cheese, and Campbell's Soup. Oh wait, that was my diet in college. Maybe I'll have a few cookies.
5. I've been staying late at the office finishing up my brief which I thought was due Tuesday. Ha, it was due Wednesday. Better that I thought it was due earlier rather than later. Then on Wednesday night, I came home and zoned out in front of the TV for 4 hours. I didn't move. It was nice.
6. This is a very boring blog post. Is my life really this mundane? Or maybe it's that I'm in a nice state of mind?