Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1) EU and I hosted a kick-ass Passover Seder on Saturday night. I've never helped in such a feat. I will toot my own horn and tell you it was awesome. Lots of friends and food and the best part of it all was having this meal for N and he didn't have to do a thing - except lead us in an entertaining Seder.
2) I did some gardening on a week ago Saturday. Man, it's hard work but great exercise. I pulled all our carrots, which have been in the ground much too long to premit consumption. After tilling the land (ha!), I planted some lettuce we got from the farmer's market and cabbage we got from our neighbor across the street. We also planted the seeds in the Jiffy thingymabob and they've sprouted. We still have a while until they are ready for Virginia clay.
3) Today is one of the busiest days ever! I had to be in Fluvanna County this morning to file an appeal, then Louisa County to hear the petition against my client get dismissed, then to Albemarle County for 3 criminal charges and then to Charlottesville City for a civil trial. This afternoon I have a trial in Orange County. That's 5 different courts in one day. That must be some sort of record. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.
4) Grey's is back on this week and I CAN NOT WAIT! Seriously, I've been deprived of any meaningful TV interaction ever since the writer's strike. It has been nice not watching so much TV but not nice enough to forgo watching Grey's and ER.
5) Our family on N's side was in Plainview, Long Island this weekend celebrating Passover while MMG was in Columbia. This is the first year since Noah and I started dating that we haven't been to New York for Passover. Maybe we'll start a new tradition here in Charlottesville and also go to Long Island. I really did miss our family though. I'm afraid that sister and brother won't get to see N before he goes to Italy. Next year MMG better come down here - ya hear dat?

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