Thursday, April 03, 2008

No Jokes for this Fool

1. Sister and brother came and went. Sister did a wonderful job at her reading and read my favorite poem of hers, All Night Vigil. I wish they lived so much closer - I sound like a broken record. Sister has a new blog, but she doesn't update it as often as I'd like (hint hint).
2. I have a date with EU. Our relationship has suffered since the writer's strike, but we've substituted TV watching and ice cream eating with running our asses off and sweating profusely. 3. N planted the seeds in the Jiffy pods. We planted 4 watermelon seeds. You think we'll get 4 whole watermelons?
4. N's been getting me into shape about waking up early to walk the dog, get myself ready with breakfast and lunch and out the door close to 9 am. Oh wait, I lied, I'm just practicing walking the dog at 7 am, not the whole making my own breakfast and lunch. When he's gone this summer, I'm most likely going to survive on a diet of cereal, oatmeal, Kraft macaroni and cheese, and Campbell's Soup. Oh wait, that was my diet in college. Maybe I'll have a few cookies.
5. I've been staying late at the office finishing up my brief which I thought was due Tuesday. Ha, it was due Wednesday. Better that I thought it was due earlier rather than later. Then on Wednesday night, I came home and zoned out in front of the TV for 4 hours. I didn't move. It was nice.
6. This is a very boring blog post. Is my life really this mundane? Or maybe it's that I'm in a nice state of mind?

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