Sunday, October 25, 2009

Personal Experiment

I've decided to try and not watch television until next Sunday, November 1. This may not be a big thing for most people, and am hoping that this won't be a big thing for me. But I watch TV mostly everyday, even if just for 30 minutes. However, some days I just get sucked in, and can end up watching for 2 hours after dinner.

My productivity in our home hasn't been top-notch, and I'm curious if that's because of the amount of TV that I watch. So, I'm off to see if my productivity will increase as my TV intake decreases.

I'm not embarking of any sort of social protest, claiming that TV rots the human brain or makes people more stupid. I am simply curious as to whether I would be a more contributing member to household chores if I didn't watch any television. So, let's see...


Random thoughts and things said...

hmmmm...interesting. I'm wondering how you did. Seriously, I watch way too much tv myself. I need it on all the time, even if I'm not watching. Just to hear it. But that's because I can't stand it when it's too quiet.

So, how did you do??

Anonymous said...
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