Monday, November 08, 2010

Progress on 101 List - Papermaking Class

One of the reasons I love my crafterdinner girls (and believe you me, there are MANY reasons) is that they inspire me to get more crafty!

Tonight, I attended a class at the Charlottesville Trade School where I learned how to make paper.
It's pretty simple. All you need is water, paper pulp, paper (yes, to make simple paper, you need paper), a blender, a screen and a sponge.

The paper I made may not be the most useful paper for writing a note, but it sure is pretty to look at.

The way the trade school works is that the classes are based on a bartering system. The materials tonight were provided by our instructor and in return, we provided her with an item from her wish list. I just finished Angela's Ashes, a memoir by Frank McCourt. Luckily, she hasn't read it, despite what N predicted, and she even had her eye on the book right when I walked in.

The class inspired me to teach a class. R and I want to teach a knitting class. but need to find an inexpensive way to provide yarn and needles. We've started brainstorming but have to work out the kinks in getting the supplies without breaking the bank.

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