Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why Blog?

A friend asked me why I blog? And as I was formulating my answer - as it was spewing forth from my mouth - I am still pondering this question. With Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and more (all of which I have page), I started considering that maybe this means of communicating is selfish and narcissistic. Really, why do I write online for others to read? Maybe it's insecurity, and I hope people find me interesting. But then, do I really care what people think? I try to convince myself that I don't care what other people think, but secretly I guess I do. So, in addition to wanting people to find me interesting, why do I blog? Here are some of the excuses...

1) I like to keep a diary and I type faster than I write.

2) I share my projects with others, since I often like reading about other people's projects.

3) I think of witty things in my head (at least, I think they're witty) and I hope other people find them just as witty.

4) Thoughts in my head should not stay in my head, and here is just as good of any place to dispose of them.

5) I like to have something that's just mine, and no one else's.

6) This is a great starting point for interesting discussion with friends far away.

7) Blogging encourages me to become a better writer.

8) Blogging keeps my far-away friends informed about my life.

I could go on, but those are just a list of reasons (excuses) without thinking too hard.

And for a cute picture of Steve. And yes, that is her in the bathtub.

Okay, one more...Sorry it's so dark. I'm not at all technimologially savvy with the photo stuff. But if you look really close, you see a sweet face.


elizabeth said...

I grapple with this why-I-blog thing a fair bit. Everyone has his or her own reasons. I too have a host of reasons [read: excuses] but the main one being: I like it! It makes me feel better, and I am often glad and only very rarely sad that I have it. So that makes my blog a worthwhile endeavor. It is a positive thing in my life, so I'll keep 'er.

In other news, I like your blog and I think your commentary to be witty indeed! I am also so pleased that the land of blogoblogs has brought us back in touch! Perhaps the most rewarding part of blogging for me is realizing that I am connected to people I care about, even when I don't realize it. It is very comforting, and I can only hope it is the same for others.

Shaneia said...

I think they are fantastic reasons to blog...I have used some of the same ones myself...overall it keeps you sane...And I love blogging...whether people read or not...