Thursday, March 12, 2009

Progress on 101 list - stop taking antibiotics

At the urging of my doctor, and for a few other reasons, I have begun my trial run of refraining from taking antibiotics. I originally started when we first moved to Charlottesville. There were prescribed by a dermatologist for acne, something I battled with as a kid, and then again when we moved here. While I can't definitely say it's the cause, my adult acne started right after I stopped taking oral contraception. And the whole reason I stopped taking oral birth control was because I didn't want to be pumping hormones into my body for years upon years. But then, once I stopped taking the pill, I developed acne and then I started pumping antibiotics into my body. I was switching out extra hormones for antibiotics. Every time I've tried to stopped, I develop acne something terrible, the point my face hurts. But, so far, so good. I've been using benzoyl peroxide as a topical medication, and Home Health Blemish Treatment Lotion. I've also been vigilant about washing my face three times a day, regardless of how tired and lazy I may feel when I get home. So, I've begun tackling something on my list that I was afraid of. Hopefully my regimin works.


Nerdring said...

Be careful to not over-wash your face. I'm sure you've read about this--the idea that if you wash your face too much you strip away the oils that your pores naturally produce, so the pores start working double time to make up for the lost oil. This leads to breakouts....frustrating!

I love the blemish lotion from Home Health, although why do they call it lotion when it is more like a toner? Nothing lotiony about it, right?

Always Freed said...

You're right - there is nothing lotion-y about it. Why'd they do that?