Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm sorry for not updating the blog more regularly. These past few weeks have been crazy, especially at work. But i believe I am now in a calm phase.

We had a fun Seder at our friends' home on the first night of Passover. N led the Seder on the fly, and did pretty well. We made my favorite dish, Honey Apple Noodle Kugle (not kosher for Passover - don't tell). E and her mom set a beautiful Passover table and were very hospitable hosts. I enjoy spending time with E's mom and step-father. I hope to be as spry and caring as they when I am their age.

This past weekend I saw my mother on Thursday and Noah's mother's side of the family for the celebration of Passover. It was a long drive up and back to Long Island but well worth it. We had a wonderful Seder and I know I've gained at least 7 pounds from all the food I've eaten this past week.

As for my list, I'm still working on many items, and have not lost my desire to accomplish many of the items on the list.

Now it's back to work, as usual.

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