Monday, July 23, 2007

Five things I say I will do, but don’t, and then hate myself for not doing

I often am inspired to post an entry when I see a blogger's list and then want to make the same list. A friend from high school posted such a list and now I am using the premise to create my own.

And therefore, here is the list:

1) Put more thought into giving creative gifts

2) Have a yard sale

3) Help N around the house more

4) Don't watch TV

5) Exercise More

And of course this list could go on. Pathetic really. We are too hard on ourselves. We (meaning me) feel we are never good enough. I want to stop feeling bad for what I don't do, and recognize what I do do...doo doo.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

yeah, really! You are a beautiful, healthy, engaged, attorney! I think you are doing alright!

But, seriously, where is the line between ambition and insanity? Does anyone know? Did I or we miss the class in school?

I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who worries about not doing the little things.