Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Musings

1) Late yesterday afternoon, N and I began the daunting task of organizing the basement. I use the basement as a storage unit for items that I hope to sell at the never-happening yard sale. Also, since MMG moved, I have had to bring a lot of my childhood belongings to Charlottesville as there is no place in MMG's home. We have four categories - yard sale, one for keep, trash and school. I was going through my second box (only my second), when N warned me that he remembered a plate may be broken in the box. I came across the plate, and N and I picked it up. Either we each thought the other had it stable in our hands, or the plate was a magical jumping plate, but either way, the plate cut my leg open, and here I sit with four stitches in my calf. I know, only four, but I've only had stitches one other time in my lifetime, and I don't really remember it that well. All I know is that my mom had to lie about our last name cause the KKK lived by. She was afraid they would turn us away.

2) The doctor at Urgent Care was an asshole. As he was preparing the materials for the serious surgery, N asked whether the office stitched up a lot of people, and he responded "Yeah, too many. We don't have time for this crap." The doctor said that right there, with blood gushing out of my calf, and he doesn't have time for this crap. Believe you me, if I didn't need them I wouldn't have been there. You think I want to be getting stitches at 9 in the evening? I'd rather be organizing my basement, thankyouverymuch. And you know, stitches are not for preventing scars. They are for preventing infection you bozo! I don't give a shit if I have a scar on my calf.

3) Allgood festival two weekends ago was awesome. We took it easy Friday night, but danced our tushis off Saturday night. Moe, STS9, Bob Weir and Rat Dog, Keller Williams, Benevento Russo Duo, Lotus, Grace Potter - the list could go on. I saw a lot of potential clients at the festival too.

4) No more musings. Maybe more later.

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