Thursday, January 01, 2009

I am sitting on the couch with sister underneath a beautifully crocheted blanket we received as a wedding present.  It's been a while since I've sat on the couch for hours at a time, or even an hour at a time for that matter.

The wedding is over, and now the real work begins.  It was a beautiful wedding, everything I could've imagined and more.  I had post-wedding blues when it was over but have recovered. 

I've been back to work since Monday.  My productivity level is not at a full 100% but may be so once January 2 comes along.   

Looking forward to getting the pictures from our fantastic photographer.  Seriously, she rocks. Too bad she doesn't live here in Charlottesville cause I'd stalk her on the phone and lure her out with promises of alcohol.  Oh wait, she's preggers.  

When's the barley and mushroom soup going to be done?  I'm hungry.  

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