Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some of yesterday's goals were accomplished. All of my work goals were accomplished. But my personal goals, I didn't do so well. I came home last night, finished up my work goals and only managed to write 4 thank you cards. Hey, that's 4 less cards I need to write by Sunday. But of course, I got sucked in by some movie - at least it was one I'd never seen before. Sometimes I get sucked in my movies I've seen at least 2 dozen times and can't pull myself away from the boob tube.

Today's personal goals:
1. Go to the gym
2. Write 10 thank you cards
3. Cross-check 75 receipts with bank statement.

Today's professional goals:
1. Clean off desk
2. Go to the jail and visit 3 clients
3. Work on 2 divorce cases.

I like writing out my daily goals here. By putting them out there, I feel more compelled to complete these goals. Like the internets are holding me responsible, keeping tabs on me.

I have other mechanisms in my life for keeping me on track with my longer life goals. I keep a Daily Log at work of the work I've done for that day. Not only is this to keep track of the work I've done for specific clients but also to see how productive I am each day. And of course, I have smaller goals on that daily log as well.

Is this a sign of being a control freak? Needing to keep tabs on everything I do?

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