Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now that N is finished his first year of graduate school, he can play around the house more - doing fun projects like planting veggies in the garden, and putting up shelves in the crafty room, where all things crafty are born. He helped me sew a duvet cover for our bed on Sunday night, and it turned out better than I thought. Very beautiful fabric on the top and we found a king-size bed sheet at Marshalls for 10 bucks to use for the bottom. The first night I slept under it, I didn't move a muscle the entire night. Granted, that probably had more to do with the fact that I was still recovering from the birthday shindig we hosted for N and Maressa. It was their 50th birthday this year on Sunday. Happy Birthday!

We spent N's birthday on Sunday not only making the duvet and planting, but also playing with Baby Steve, making yogurt and dining at the very elegant Blue Grass Grill. N got corned beef hash and I had some choco chip panks with a side of bacon and a biscuit. Talk about yummy. It's all about the panks.

Yesterday I took a watercolor class from N (after I burst into tears that he didn't have a good assignment for me and that he likes his other students better than me, and why didn't I get any perks cause I'm sleeping with the professor - but anyway), and I did this thing where I tried to match 5 colors from the spider plant with watercolors and then painted in five distinct blocks. I took a pic of it and will put it up. N taught me that I should consider going back over it and try to match the colors again, considering my perception of the colors will be different today then they were yesterday. It was a cool project. For those 2 people reading this - yes, that was a boring rendition of the project but just trust me on this one, it was cool.

Mother's day on Sunday - MMG made me feel bad that she didn't have mother's day cards in her hand on Sunday and I told her that I sent them on Sat, but I didn't. I didn't lie, I just thought I'd be able to get them off to her on Sat. Anyhow, she does that a lot - makes me feel bad, but she does it with this way that she's joking, but it does hurt sometimes. Whatever. I'm over it. I love her, that's all that matters. Right?

Now that I'm a full-fledged VA lawyer, I'm getting my own cases and even got a salary!! Woohoo! I thought I wouldn't be working the second temp job, but decided to take one more assignment in order for us to catch up on finances. Seriously, it was harder these past few months, getting Steve and having not worked while studying for the bar exam and such. I think if I take on one more assignment, I can get us caught up on bills and we'll be okay. Not gonna lie to you, I do take pride in the fact that we somehow went 2 weeks with only 11 dollars in the bank account. Can I get some props for that plz? Me and JC talk about how proud we are that we got by this past pay period with such little funds. Is that something to be proud of or what?


elizabeth said...

Did I miss you passing the bar? I must have! Ohman!! That is so awesome! My excitement may be delayed, but it is not diminished!

so happy for you<--me

Always Freed said...

Well, I think I might have forgot to announce it - yes I passed the Virginia Bar!! Wooohooo!!!