Monday, June 25, 2007

Hodgepodge of Ideas

Last week, we spent some time playing Bananagrams and now I'm addicted. Seriously, very cool game. Not hard at all, and you could probably just create the game if you already have Scrabble.

Also last week, with Bird staying at our home, I found myself not watching any TV at all. And it was nice. Lately, I've been in the rut of coming home, plopping my ass down on the sofa, and watching hours of mindless television. But, having been unintentionally deprived of it for almost a week, it's quite refreshing. I actually did things that needed to get done and that I wanted to sew up a skirt, clean up my craft room, and sew on a button missing from a purse purchased at a yard sale. I know I know, this all seems so trite and simple, but whatever, it was a refreshing moment for me, so there.

I just finished The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. Surprisingly, I picked this up at a yard sale (ha ha). A quick read certainly - but I wouldn't say it's contemporary literature at it's best. I like how it reminded me of why I knit, and keep knitting. The act and art of knitting does soothe my mind, and any stress or anxiety I may be feeling dissipates. Knitting is rhythmic craft.

Tonight, N and I are going to get a drink on the downtown mall, something rare for us during the week. I tend to run home and stay around the house. But this will be a nice deviation from the expected schedule of the week.

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