Thursday, June 14, 2007

This weekend N and I are helping MMG pack up her house. Seriously, not fun stuff at all, but I am looking forward to helping her getting rid of a lot of shit. She's been carting around this stuff for 8 years and now we are going on the 5th move. I don't know where I get this compulsion to get rid of things - but I have this great burning need to pair down, simplify, declutter. And it's not just throwing stuff away. I like to do it in a very systematic way. For example, I have a ton of stuff in my basement right now that I have been putting away for a yard sale. But, I also have some of these items posted on craigslist, some on freecycle, some separated to be brought to a consignment shop. Of course, this is like a whole other job so I do a little bit each week.

This weekend, we are separating mom's stuff into a five categories:

1) Items that she will keep for the new place
2) Items that are not valuable and can be sold at a yard sale to be held in two weekends
3) Items that are valuable to be sold to an auctioneer
4) Items that MMG doesn't want but N and I want to keep
5) Items to be donated to charity
6) Items that MMG does want but can't bring to her new place cause she doesn't have any room (my plan is to keep this pile as small as possible cause our basement is filled with our own crap)

So that's the deal. If you are reading this (all 2 of you) and you want to come help, please don't feel like you can't join in the fun. Cause you CAN!!

Now, for some pics from the wedding:

Brother and sister!!

Feeling good.

Loving the mohawk.

Our unofficial engagement photo.

J bitch slapping his future wife.

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