Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring me from this place!

The only way I can get things done that I dread doing is to set up an appointment for someone to come in and review the actual document I need to draft. That way, I HAVE to complete it by that time. This method has worked on occasion. It's also backfired recently when I had to call up a client and reschedule cause I didn't have a chance to do what I needed to do. Bad bad!!

On a completely different note, yesterday was the first day of spring. In celebration, I've posted this picture from last year since it gets me excited for planting in our garden and running around with Steve. The green grass in the background, sun on N's face, Steve smiling...and don't forget the large zucchinis N's holding from our garden. This weekend we are planting 6 types of seeds from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Last year, we bought seedlings or just planting seeds directly in the garden. This year, in order to utilize our cold frame, I picked this up from Southern States. We've never used it before, but all you need is come water and seeds, and voila - seedlings appear. I'll try to take pictures this weekend as we start our seedlings. Hope it's warm out!

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