Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flu You

1) It's Flu-ville in C-ville (I'm that much of a dork). N went to the health center yesterday and they did some test which came back positive for influenza, which then led to my phone call to the doctor's office and resulted in some meds to prevent me from getting the flu. Probably shouldn't admit I didn't get a flu shot - but wait, I just did. My health insurance kinda blows since I have an annual $1,200 deductible, afterwhich coverage is 100%. Because I'm relatively healthy, I pay for everything out of pocket. By the time I'll every reach my deductible, it will be the next year and I start all over again. I shouldn't complain because there are millions without any insurance, and g-d forbid I get into a car accident or some incurable disease, it will come in handy. So, I'll shut up now.
2) I won something, which rarely happens (despite my competitive nature). You can check it out my winning entry here and my prize here.
3) I bought my wedding dress. It's not anything like I imagined. I could show you pictures but they don't do it justice. And I already made the mistake of showing a certain someone, and let's just say it didn't go as I would've hoped. Whatevs. It's a dress. It's long and white. I'm going to wear it for a few hours. Whatevs. I'm going to look hot!
4) Working on sweet collections of birds in our curio. Pics are worth a thousand words.

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