Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vigor for Life

That was yesterday's motto. Steve and I went to the dog park Saturday morning. She LOVES it there, and being such a warm, beautiful day, so did I. Lately, it's been frigid, but yesterday, I brought my book, sat and read, and didn't feel a pinch of guilt for indulging since Steve was having a grand ole time. She got muddy so I took her down to the river, which I would've done anyway since she loves to swim, and she cleaned up a bit. There are two dogs, Coco and Marley, who we always see there, no matter what day or time. Steve loves to chase them. They give her a good instigator for the crazies! The crazies are when she runs around in circles like she's possessed with something unearthly, like she has so much energy she can't get rid of it fast enough. She went swimming in the river, cooling herself off.

We then went to Integral Yoga to pick out seeds to plant this week. I got zucchini, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, lettuce, watermelon, and bell peppers. Afterwards, I went to Southern States to pick out our pods to plant the seeds in. We then surprised N at school and headed to the Corner to get a sandwich, where Steve made friends with some cute yuppie kids. Then back home to rest while watching the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. Ah, gotta love it. Last night we headed to an engagement party for our friends M and B. B is in the same program as N and I got to know M through our ladies' night dinners. M and B are moving to Philly since M got this great job at a hospital as a speech therapist. With the move, and their wedding, they have many adventures headed their way.

On a different note, I wanted to share a picture of Steve. As a result of our playtime at the dog park and splashing in the river, this was Steve earlier this morning:You can't deny how cute she is. Oh, and I promised a picture of our curio. And believe it or not, I'm going to deliver on that promise. Here is the beginning of our bird collection, along with a close-up.The close-up picture attempts to capture the great lighting we have in our bathroom. In fact, I admit that our downstairs bathroom may be my favorite room in the house. Granted, our landlords did re-tile the floor, we spruced it up with a coat of paint, and it's very minimal. Any one else have any collections started?

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Nerdring said...

Hi sister,

I have a collection of little animals. Not Bug and Bob!

I'll put a pic on my blog!