Thursday, February 22, 2007

Less Than a Week

Until I take the bar exam. I just can't wait for this to be over...not really so that I am one step closer to getting a better job that not only pays more, but maybe so I can do what I've been studying for the past 3 years to do, but more because I am exhausted. Hours and hours spent studying in a library where I know no one. Not a single soul. But I people watch, maybe I'll spot someone studying for the same exam. I talk to Michelle about 5 times a day. She's my other half through this. She's going through the same exact thing, just for a different state. We try to study together, like we did for the Maryland exam, but as hard as we try to make it the same, we just can't.

Noey leaves for Barcelona on Sunday - 5 am bright and early at the school to board the bus taking him to Richmond. I am so jealous of him and the trip he is taking, but also looking forward to spending time at home with mom, as she prepares for her last chemo treatment. I'm a little scared to see her without hair, but we'll make jokes, I'm sure. I know she's tired, and she needs help to do the simple tasks of cleaning, grocery shopping, keeping life in order.

Off to study more.

I came across another blog of someone who I admire, and now I have the confidence to speak openly here. Not sure if that's healthy, to base my confidence on another's courage, but what the hell.


Mischief Maker said...

Sometimes it is good to speak openly. It helps you to vent. I don't envy you having to study and at the same time be worried about your mother. I have got all the bits and pieces for your pressie and will post it next week. Good luck in your Bar exam.
Your colour swap pal.

elizabeth said...

Hi Sam! Having a place to put your thoughts is what blogging is about. But I sympathize with the insecurity about revealing *everything*. My solution was to make a few rules and just stick to those, e.g. I can only mention other people if it is in a positive way. That way I have a few rules that keep me out of trouble, but I am free to otherwise dump my brain-slosh into my blog writing.

Best of luck with the bar results, I know it is stressful.