Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ever since my posting last Monday, I haven't been able to keep my eyes off the news. Seriously, I was getting a little worried about how much I needed my news fix, with all the media coverage about the Virginia Tech shooting floating around out there and then being shot into our head. There were moments, of course, where I wanted to shoot something into the head of the dumb ass newsperson asking a VT student how the mood on the campus was after the shootings. Dude, what the fuck do you think the mood was on the campus? In fact, I heard one newsperson ask a student who had been in a Norris Hall classroom when the shootings were occurring who managed to barricade the door - "How do you feel about being called a hero today?" followed by a painstaking 10 second lull in the dialogue as the student mustered the courage to respond to her idiotic question. Shut the F up. Anyhow, I was pretty useless last week at work, since every 5 minutes I needed my CNN intravenous shot.

Beans was taken from us by Mama and Papa B on Saturday. No joke, there was a tear or two. But I already have asked our landlord if we can have a dog, she gave us the okay (still need to put down a $500 deposit), and I already filled out an application to adopt a dog from the SPCA in Charlottesville. This is as good of a time as any to get one since N is almost finished with the semester so he will be more available to help with the dog. We got into a pretty slick routine while Beans was here, each of us taking on various duties in the taking-care-of-Beans-procedure. I'm totally ready. Seriously, dogs make a home that much more home-esque.

I painted our craft room this weekend a green color - called Wild Artichoke - or was it Wild Asparagus. Oh, can't remember. But I did it all by my lonesome - of course, not without some direction and guidance from N. You know, he did go to school where they teach you how to color inside the lines. But once I got started, I got into it. Granted, it was my first time ever painting so it's not perfect, and I learned what to do (and what not to do) next time. We are painting our bedroom next.

After the painting extravaganza, the wheels started turning and I became somewhat excited by the resolution of having one project a day that I complete (or work on) that makes our home pretty. Not just the daily laundry or dishes or vacuuming (though they need to be done ASAP or someone will get lost in the piles of dirty undies and billowing dust balls) but I'm talking about either painting a room or cleaning out a closet or organizing the kitchen or getting ready for our yard sale...you know that type of stuff. So, yesterday my project was planting a few baby spider plants in pots that were transplanted from a mama spider plant that I picked up from Freecycle. I hope they survive the move.

Hmm, what am I going to do today? Things on my list to do around the house: paint the bedroom (which I could start today by taping everything off), organize for our upcoming yard sale, clean out the kitchen shelves where we keep our food and spices, start on the knitted rug pattern, clean up the sticks in the yard...hmm, what to do. Of course, this plan will most likely go out the window as soon as I get another gig from the other job (the work-from-home-at-night-which-helps-pay-the-bills job). Anyhow, I got these cool old glass bottles off of Freecycle and was thinking of putting a bunch of twigs in them and attaching paper flowers. I saw the idea in a mag. We'll see. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but there is some inspiration over at Martha Stewart's site.

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