Monday, April 09, 2007

Favorite Color Swap Pal 2

I want to give a shout out to Kerin, my favorite color swap pal, who sent me such wonderful presents. Here is some of the funky yarn she sent me, for which I plan on making a drop stitch scarf. I think it will block pretty nicely, and a drop stitch pattern just seems to be the perfect pattern for this yarn.Kerin also made this fantastic journal. I've already pounced on her for a tutorial, cause I'm all intimidated by the wood and screws and hand drawn designs. No tutorial to be had, but I feel lucky enough just being gifted with such a pretty thing. I haven't written anything in it, and am thinking I may put photos in it instead. Not sure yet...
To read more about Kerin, check her out here. This was a fun swap. Not only did I enjoy receiving such pretty things, but I also enjoyed the giving portion of the swap.

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Mischief Maker said...

Okay I will try and find time to put a tutorial on my blog this weekend.

By the way I have a new job now and absolutely love it.