Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This past weekend with MMG was pleasant. Ran a few errands, relaxed A LOT, and spent some time helping MMG get stuff in order. She is quite a busy real estate agent, always running this way and that way showing houses, listing houses, running from houses, etc.

I've become quite a gym junkie lately. Even made JC sign up for the gym, even though it was like pulling teeth. She finally fell under my spell and now we have been going to the gym every day (except for days we are exploring other parts of the country - such as home or boyfriend's home). While the benefit of toning is something to be treasured, I am most interested in increasing my energy level. With two jobs, and all the other responsibilities I hold, I am completely drained at the end of the day and just want to the lie on the couch scratching my belly when I get home from work. So I'm hoping that going to the gym will give me the energy to do the other things I love to do - like work in my craft room making my cards, painting, knitting, working on the garden, cleaning up the house (which is a shit hole right now), painting the walls in the house and other things. Also, for the next few months, I will be going this way and that - Passover in Plainview, JV and NL's wedding, my cousin's wedding in Chi-town, etc. So it's uber important that I do stuff at night during the week, or I will become a crabby bitch, someone no one wants to encounter.

Yesterday, one of the associates in the firm was offered a position elsewhere, and will be leaving in a month. Supposedly this change will generate a ton of work for me and JC, but we haven't felt the brunt of it yet. I know that a lot of her cases will be passed along to one of the managing partners, for whom I work directly, which translates into more work for me. But, I'm ready for it, kinda excited to learn more and get more involved.
Boy do we look tired. Here is JC and I with our shawls cause it's a freakin' freezer in here. And sometimes we like to pretend we are nuns.

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