Thursday, April 26, 2007

We're THIS much closer to getting a dog. And I've already scoped out the one I want. His name is Mac, and as of 2:30 this afternoon, he is still in need of a loving home. Seriously dudes, how cute is he!!! In order to get a dog, we need money - money for the pet deposit we need to give our landlord, money for the adoption fee at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA and then money for all the toys and food and treats and snuggly things we are going to spoil him with. In order to do this (and in spirit of spring cleaning), I am selling my clothes. Yup, come by and see me naked cause I'm selling all my clothes. Nah, just kidding, just the ones that don't fit anymore ever since I grew a big ass and also those that I still have from high school. No joke people, I still have clothes in my closet from high school. Not only can I barely fit one limb in the piece of clothing, but they look like they are from the mid 90s. I posted an ad on Craigslist and already have someone coming by to peek a look-see at them tonight. I even posted some pics on Flickr so no one wastes their time or mine. Granted, I could do this all at a yard sale (which I am still planning on holding sometime very soon), but maybe I can sell enough clothes for the adoption fee.

I'm still on track with my one project a night thing. It helps when I go to the gym in the morning cause then I have time at night to piddle around. I love to piddle around, let me tell you. Oooh, and tonight's Grey's Anatomy. Man oh man, am I going to get a lot done tonight. I wish I knew how to put up one of those thermometer thingys on my blog to track the money I raise to get the doggie. Wouldn't that be nerdy and fun?

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Maire said...

I looked at Mac's pictures/description. He is sooo cute! And he sounds like a great dog. I hope everything with the adoption works out well.
Love you, and missing you!!!