Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So I followed through on my scheduled project last night and made these cute magnets for the fridge out of beer bottle caps and I also decorated some twigs from the backyard with some accessories from a holiday project I did a few years ago. At first I placed the twigs in the glass bottle downstairs on top of our entertainment furniture but it just didn't look right. Then we finally found the perfect place on our dresser in our bedroom. Very cute. I always forget about upstairs cause no one really sees it, and we aren't up there very much (just to sleep and shower - and maybe we do other things - I'll let your imagination take care of that one). But I should think more about our bedroom and making it cozy. I saw these cute embroidered napkins at Circa here in Cville and am now thinking they would be nice to put on the dresser, cause it's very bare and undecorated.

I also managed to clean out the guest room closet, where I hoard my keepsakes and memories from childhood. I go through these boxes every once in a while and always manage to purge them just a bit. I got rid of about three shoe boxes full of stuff. I learned a few things last night about myself - some of which I'm not too proud of.

1) I was quite a moody teenager. I kept letters from my best friend that she wrote me while in high school, and she was always apologizing. And let me tell you, she rarely did anything wrong. I was just a moody brat. Granted, I was experiencing teenage angst thinking that the world was ending, but still, who the hell did I think I was being all moody and bratty and taking out all my growing pains on my friends?

2) I kept a lot of stuff from my childhood, and I'm glad I did. Cause as I was going through all those cards and papers, it brought back memories that I was not ready to forget, and hopefully never will. Granted, I came across things that triggered some memories that I was more than ready to forget. It was like listening to a mix tape from when you were 14 and just hearing a certain song makes you feel weirdly uncomfortable.

3) Last night I read a lot of cards teachers in high school sent to me shortly after my father died, and they all had one point in common. My father's pride of me did not go unnoticed, and he made sure everyone knew it. Man, I think - no actually I know - I was and still am the luckiest person for having him as my father. He pushed me hard to succeed, but damn am I glad he did it. Cause I know I wouldn't be where I am today if he hadn't. The anniversary of his death is coming up - not something I dwell on but something that sneaks up on me and all the sudden I'm like shit - it feels like it was yesterday that he died but crazy cause it will be 8 years this Sunday. G-d I miss him.

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