Friday, March 30, 2007

Switched up my routine today - went to the gym this morning and got ready for work there then headed to work. Completely different world so early in the morning. Granted, I'm probably gonna crash in a few but whatevs. Going to see MMG this weekend. It won't be a long trip but just a little drop in to say hello and help her get things together. This last round of chemo really wiped her out this past week.

Work has been absolutely ridiculous this week. First I got called out for being unprofessional and then I was called out for turning in a project late. The unprofessional escapade is hilarious. JC and I were running some documents over to another attorney's office while on our way to the courthouse. It was a gorgeous day and it was obviously showing in our behavior. Upon entering, JC handed the documents over to the receptionist, and I saw some mints in the waiting area. I took a mint, took one for JC and then left. JC must have giggled, or I giggled, or we both giggled. This 10 second interaction led to this attorney calling us unprofessional to one of the partners in the firm since I apparently grabbed a fistfull of mints, as well as sending an e-mail to another attorney in our firm, stating our behavior was immature and unprofessional. I mean seriously people, get a fucking life! I don't even think the bitchy attorney saw us in her office - maybe heard us or maybe her little tight assed receptionist said something. But whatever, that's a few strikes against me, but thank g-d the attorneys I work with agree that this woman needs to get her head out of her ass and go on some meds.

In order to vent our frustration, JC wrote a letter to this crappy lady:

Dear Devil Woman [insert real name],

My colleague and I have learned that you have made repeated complaints to two attorneys in our office regarding our "unprofessional" behavior. Apparently we were giggling and offering each other mints. We would like to apologize for our abhorrent behavior. How dare we enter your place of business with smiles on our faces? How dare we display signs that we were enjoying the beautiful day? It is an unspoken rule that when you enter a law firm, you must show no signs of happiness or of having a sense of humor. We have brazenly broken this rule. How dare we take a mint from the dish of mints on your entryway table? I mean, clearly those mints are not there for the purpose of eating. Clearly they are there as decoration only. From now on, we will think twice before we reach for a mint, and we will try to determine whether these mints are sincere or rather, decoy mints. These oversights will never happen again.


JC - Impertinent Legal Assistant

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