Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blanket for MMG

When I found out that MMG had to undergo four cycles of chemo, I wanted to make something for her that would remind her of the many people who love her and are thinking about her, despite how alone she may feel during the process. So many wonderful people in my life knit a 10 x 10 inch square to be assembled into a blanket for mom. Here it is!

Last night, MMG and I were watching some Law and Order and I wanted to work on crocheting the squares together, but in order to do that, I had to reveal the surprise. She absolutely loved it!! As you can see, there's one square missing in the middle, but I have that one on needles right now, almost complete. That's the square that N worked on. He's a good knitter. Hopefully, I will finish crocheting the squares together before I go back to Cville.

MMG came into my room this morning and asked me how spontaneous I was willing to be this weekend. I knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wants to go to Canal Street in NYC tomorrow, just for the day, and buy some purses! So, we vacuumed out the car this morning and are planning on driving to NYC for the day. I know it will make her so happy - and like I've never denied, I love to make her happy. I'll hopefully have a cute purse to show off tomorrow!

Yesterday, I went to drop off some dry cleaning for MMG. I never give up an opportunity to drop off her dry cleaning, because I then go to one of my favorite thrift stores, the Laurel Thrift Center. It's freakin huge! I found two new dish clothes, some fabric to start my collection and a pillow case. Oh, and I found the cutest owl figurine made of sea shells. Kinda cheesy but I've never been one to deny the cheese.

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