Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My eyes are burning from staring at the comp for so many hours today. Having to work two fucking jobs - not so fun, but as I've said before, and I'll chicken out on later cause I'm a sucker and just go along with it all cause I don't want to be told no but will talk endlessly about how unhappy I am and then finally grow a backbone and drive myself bonkers (I just love that word) and then finally ask - I am demanding a salary once I get admitted in VA. And a salary I can live with - not 2 cents an hour, and then run with my tail between my legs to work from home job where they actually pay me a decent salary but it has little, if anything, to do with the law. I've been going to court and jail more this week - haa, I've been going to jail. Definitely learning more about what it means to practice law then when I just sat in front of the computer and interacted with only my little mouse all day (and of course the firm go-ers).

Been diligent about clearing out the clutter in the house. Sold some books to a used book store we love on the downtown mall. I have my eye on this 30 year old teach yourself how to draw figures book. Also, sold some beads and jewels I had from when I was 10 on Craigslist. All for my secret fund that I can't anybody about yet, except MMG. Hope to start on some of the clothes that I have piled up in the basement, and soon we can plan a date for the yard sale.

Thinking about heading to Staunton this weekend for a little day trip, if work allows. I have been there twice for an interview and wanted to explore it more. Looks like a cute little town, maybe out of Pleasantville, but hoping to find some hidden treasure.

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Katie said...

I got the favorite color package yesterday, and I love all the great stuff in it! Thank you so much. This has been a great swap. I posted about it on my blog if you'd like to see some pictures and hear more gushing about what a great job you did :)