Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stayed home today from work since I woke up this morning with the aches and pains. But Advil Fever and Flu or something along those lines helped a bit, so I've been doing some work from home today.

MMG had a mammogram and sonogram or ultrasound on her other breast today and it doesn't look like the little thing they were worried about is anything resembling cancer. Such a relief. Cause I know she can't go through chemo again (she's still feeling the effects from the treatment last week) and believe you me, I can't go through it again either. I'm not sure how often she will be getting mammograms now that her chemo treatment is over. Maybe every 3 months or 6 months.'s such a relief to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Cancer sucks. Sucks even more when it's the one parent you have left.

JV's friend died yesterday. They took him off life support and I suppose he went soon after. We'll see him this weekend, and I hope he is doing okay. N has been talking to him this week. Not sure if he will go to Richmond for the funeral or any details about that. Someone so young. For nothing. My heart aches. We aren't invincible, only mortal. We can be gone from here in an instant. And there's nothing that you can do to change that. You can't take any moment you have for granted. Such a cliche.

I think about that phrase, shouldn't take any moment for granted and I think about my day today. I didn't do anything special, in fact I felt kinda crappy, being sick and all. And I worked, read a book, talked to MMG and N, wrote some e-mails. But I didn't do anything earth shattering, nothing to write home about. So did I do everything I can to not take this day for granted? No, but that's life, right? Every moment can't be the best moment ever cause then we wouldn't know a great moment if it bit us in the ass. And every moment can't be only what you want to do, cause then many people would be lazy, just sitting around or running around this town doing whatever the hell they wanted, wouldn't work, just play all the time. So that whole you shouldn't take any moment for granted, maybe that just really means take risks, don't bet on tomorrow, and make the big decisions count. But don't screw people over cause you are trying to not take today or even tomorrow for granted. Okay, I'm done this silly diatribe. I hate that cliche.

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