Wednesday, March 07, 2007

N got back from Barcelona last night. It was so nice to have him back in the States, even though I still haven't seen him yet. He got a head cold while he was over there but it doesn't sound like he allowed it to interfere with his trip. I can't wait to see the pictures he took of the city.

Today I went up to Bel Air to visit with Prote and BH. Prote is my alter-ego and one of my most dearest friends. BH is a former co-worker. We went to my favorite restaurant in town, Carried Away Gourmet. The Bel Air Four Seasons salad is the best salad on their menu! Absolutely in love with it. I would eat it everyday if I could, and I almost did when I was working up there. It was great to catch up with Sam and Bren.

Also tried to drop some schtuff off at the consignment shop up there, but most of it was winter clothing and they were just accepting spring clothing. Also, the spring clothing I did have was too wrinkled. I will just try again when I get back down to Cville. I'm thinking of trying to save the money I make from the consignment shop for something in particular, but I don't want to reveal what that particular thing is yet until it's official. This thing that I want to save for.

Also, I went shopping here for my Favorite Color Swap partner. I hope she likes what I got her. It was supposed to be sent out today, but because of the bar exam, I told her I was going to be a few days late. Thank goodness she's so understanding. When I told N about the swap, he didn't really understand why someone would sign up for such a thing when you could just buy what you wanted for yourself. Why have someone else buy it for you? He just doesn't get the thrill of shopping for someone else, hoping to make someone smile because of the thought you put into a present. But, you know, if there was some sort of Subaru Forester or Subaru WRX swap, he'd be all about it.

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