Monday, February 09, 2009

I've been rereading my 101 List and have been updating each time I review it. There are some items on there that I strive to do everyday or every week (such as taking a vitamin everyday, or spending 5 hours a week on crafts). While I could try to keep track of these things each and everyday, I then fear I'd live me life according to list. My goal is to do these things so often that they just become second nature. Like, if you do something enough, it becomes a habit. As much as I LOVE lists, I don't want my life to be one big to-do list.

Saturday morning, a few girls from N's program got pedicures to celebrate our friend OW's coming baby. She's having her baby on the 24th of the month. I lieu of a big to-do baby shower, she just wanted some girl company, with the added bonus of sexy toes. It's was a good time to spend with her and the other girls before the baby comes. I can honestly say that I am purely jealous. I want to be pregnant, and have a baby, and this feeling has been growing inside of me for years and years. I just know I'm going to try to be the best mother, and wife, and I want to start trying as soon as possible. I also know that we can't even begin to think about it seriously until both of us are financially and emotionally ready. So, we're not ready. But I can't wait until we are.

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