Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Last night's Swap-o-rama was a success, as usual. There were 7 of us, and we all scored some good finds. All-in-all, I got rid of approximately 50 items (I didn't get a chance to count my donations before I sorted the items into their designated piles). It definitely wasn't less that 50 items.

Also, I signed up for Paperbackswap.com and sent away "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." This site is great for people like me who go through books quickly. In an effort to save money, I have listed on my 101 list that I will not buy any new books for 12 months. Users of paperbackswap.com can make a wish list and when a book on a user's wish list is posted on the site, the book is automatically sent to you (if you're the first person in line of course). I've also listed a book on Amazon that was purchased today. I love passing along good reads.

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